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If you are looking for additional skills to better perform the diversity related tasks your organization requires?  Has your boss advised you that they are willing to help you get the professional development necessary to succeed at your job?  Have you been attending diversity conferences hoping the break out sessions would give you the information you need to better manage your organizations diversity department?  NOW you have another solution.  These professional development training courses focus on managing diversity as a business strategy and not just linked to issues of social justice, risk mitigation or lawsuit avoidance. 

This 'diversity management' professional development series provides real world opportunities for people to learn the skills necessary for diversity professionals.  THESE ARE NOT COLLEGE ACCREDITED COURSES they are instead, real world training provided to dozens of Fortune 1,000 companies representing billions of dollars in annual revenue and over 1,000,000 employees and growing!  What are some of the issues covered?

  • What is the business case for diversity?
  • How do you create and quantify the fiscal impact of diversity?
  • Selling senior management on funding your diversity program.
  • Developing action plans based on qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Developing accountability plans - how and what's in them?
  • Diversity analytics / metrics. (What to measure and why?)

Managing the increasingly global workforce of today requires skills that are not part of the normal College or University curriculum.  Yet almost 80% of the Fortune 500 companies have formal Diversity organizations with multi-million dollar budgets.

The Diversity Management Certificate Curriculum is the foundation for ALL certifications offered by the Center for Diversiy Certification (CfDC).  These classes provide a common language as well as a baseline of understanding the skills required to succeed in moving the work of diversity and inclusion beyond compliance.  These courses can be obtained in three ways;
(1) In a one-week case study intensive session offered on campus at the University of Houston.
(2) In a one-week customized case study session at your business location for a minimum of eight participants (max. 15).
(3) By completing a series of webinar courses offered over eight weeks* including completion of a diversity project.




Many organizations place a tremendous emphasis on providing their employees with professional development.  In the field of diversity there are few places to obtain this knowledge.  To provide solutions to this need the Institute has created several firsts in the area of diversity certificate training / development.


This four-day course has been offered since 1999 to individuals in corporate America who hold positions ranging from Diversity Coordinator to Diversity Manager and Vice Presidents.  The course is an intensive real world approach to providing information that becomes the foundation for solutions to be implemented in companies.